Our services

We provides all audit services, including audit-related advice, consultation on accounting issues, tax advice, financial and economic consulting, as well as, bookkeeping and other services.

  • audit of annual, extraordinary and interim financial statements;
  • audit of the consolidated financial statements;
  • audit of the financial statements within the implementation of company transformations;
  • the Annual Report and review of the report on relations between related parties;
  • audit of the so-called „consolidation packages“;
  • verification of the drawing funds from the European Union. This certification is required by the institutions of the European Union auditors who have audited projects financed from structural funds of the European Union.

Our company carries out audit of these non-profit entities:

  • Foundations and foundation funds,
  • Public benefit corporations,
  • Civic associations.

This covers an audit of financial statements, subsidies, costs and revenues and all other audit procedures.

Our company meets the criteria for audit of projects financed by funds from the European Union.

In June of 2005, Managing Director of A.A.T. spol. s r.o. Company Ing., Zdeněk Bartoš, received a certificate of professional education for the verification of raising funds from the European Union. This certification is required by the institutions of the European Union auditors who have audited projects financed from structural funds of the European Union.

Since its establishment, the company focuses on audit of financial statements of business and non-profit organizations, and in recent years also performs audits of financial statements under the transformations and the consolidation packages. In addition to these main activities also provides tax and accounting advice, is able to provide accounting and other services related to the economic life of business entities. We have experience in auditing companies with foreign participation. We have experience in auditing companies with foreign participation.

Contents of these services are the following activities:

  • consultation with clients´ accountants and solving nonstandard problems of bookkeeping;
  • methodological management of employee of accounting departments of clients;
  • cooperation in preparing of financial statements and background documents for tax returns;
  • consultancy in the field of preparation and application of principles based on IAS / IFRS within the accounting systems;
  • consultancy in the field of bookkeeping of difficult accounting transactions, including business combinations and derivatives transactions;
  • consultancy in drawing up so called „consolidation packages“;
  • consultancy in preparing of the consolidated financial statements;
  • consulting services during acquisitions;
  • analysis of the economy, efficiency and profitability;
  • processing of financial and other specialized analyses;
  • Processing of Cash flow and the Statement of Changes in Equity;
  • preparation of internal accounting guidelines;
  • consultancy on setting of effective circulation of accounting documents;
  • consultancy relating to the application of the Act on Accounting and Czech accounting standards in specific conditions of the client;
  • consultancy in the field of activities of entities abroad, whether by form of business premises or subsidiaries;
  • accounting supervision;
  • education in accounting – individual consultations, organizing of trainings for the client;
  • consultancy according to the individual requirements of the client.
  • reparation of tax returns for income tax according to background documents of the client;
  • consultation in the field of tax legislation;
  • extension of the deadline for filing tax returns on the basis of power of attorney;
  • tax consultancy in the implementation of company transformation;
  • representation before the tax administrator within the tax inspection;
  • consultancy in the matter of application of various tax laws under the client´s conditions;
  • services provided in connection with possibility to claim expenses (costs) for research and development as a deductible item from the base of tax according to § 34 paragraph 43 of the Act on Income Tax. Our company is in the name of the auditor holder of the certificate of completion of certification training in research and development issued by the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Council for research and development. The services provided include in particular the assessment activities from the view of fulfilment of the definition of research and development, processing of individual research and development projects, drafting of related internal regulations and the introduction of separate records of expenditure (costs) research and development.

Tax advice is provided for all taxes and administration of taxes and charges. The scope of these services is tax return preparation, consulting and tax problems dealing with tax authorities in tax matters. In the case of negotiations with the authorities exposes client tax advisors power of attorney for representation in a specific case.

  • economic consultancy includes in particular the processing of financial plans and other documents for loan applications at financial institutions
  • consultancy during establishment of companies
  • lectures in accounting and taxation
  • issuing of a newsletter for clients with accounting and tax issues

Based on the client’s requirements after the agreement we are able to provide other services related to the accounting and tax issues. As an example, help in choosing the appropriate software for accounting, methodical bookkeeping, valuation of assets.

Our clients

ANEXIA s.r.o.

Bohemia Properties a.s.

ČEPOS – Česká potravinářská obchodní a.s.

STMicroelectronics Design and Application s.r.o.

WELL PACK s.r.o.


Königfrankstahl, s.r.o.

SD-Kovo Mladá Boleslav,a.s.

Simac Technik ČR, a.s.

ZPA Pečky a.s.