Contents of these services are the following activities:

  • consultation with clients´ accountants and solving nonstandard problems of bookkeeping;
  • methodological management of employee of accounting departments of clients;
  • cooperation in preparing of financial statements and background documents for tax returns;
  • consultancy in the field of preparation and application of principles based on IAS / IFRS within the accounting systems;
  • consultancy in the field of bookkeeping of difficult accounting transactions, including business combinations and derivatives transactions;
  • audit of the so-called „consolidation packages“;
  • consultancy in preparing of the consolidated financial statements;
  • consulting services during acquisitions;
  • analysis of the economy, efficiency and profitability;
  • processing of financial and other specialized analyses;
  • Processing of Cash flow and the Statement of Changes in Equity;
  • preparation of internal accounting guidelines;
  • consultancy on setting of effective circulation of accounting documents;
  • consultancy relating to the application of the Act on Accounting and Czech accounting standards in specific conditions of the client;
  • consultancy in the field of activities of entities abroad, whether by form of business premises or subsidiaries;
  • accounting supervision;
  • education in accounting – individual consultations, organizing of trainings for the client;
  • consultancy according to the individual requirements of the client.

Another services

We provides all audit services, including audit-related advice, consultation on accounting issues, tax advice, financial and economic consulting, as well as, bookkeeping and other services.

Our clients

ANEXIA s.r.o.

Bohemia Properties a.s.

ČEPOS – Česká potravinářská obchodní a.s.

STMicroelectronics Design and Application s.r.o.

WELL PACK s.r.o.


Königfrankstahl, s.r.o.

SD-Kovo Mladá Boleslav,a.s.

Simac Technik ČR, a.s.

ZPA Pečky a.s.