Audit services



  • audit of annual, extraordinary and interim financial statements;
  • audit of the consolidated financial statements;
  • audit of the financial statements within the implementation of company transformations;
  • the Annual Report and review of the report on relations between related parties;
  • audit of the so-called „consolidation packages“;
  • verification of the drawing funds from the European Union. This certification is required by the institutions of the European Union auditors who have audited projects financed from structural funds of the European Union.

Trading companies

Act No. 563/1991 Coll., On Accounting, as amended, provides in § 20 the conditions under which entities are required to have their financial statements audited.

Some entities require the implementation of a voluntary audit, for example, at the request of banks, owners, creditors, or because they want to have a reasonable assurance that the accounts and financial statements comply with statutory requirements.

Non-profit organizations

Our company carries out audit of these non-profit entities:
  • Foundations and foundation funds,

This covers an audit of financial statements, subsidies, costs and revenues and all other audit procedures.

Another services

We provides all audit services, including audit-related advice, consultation on accounting issues, tax advice, financial and economic consulting, as well as, bookkeeping and other services.

Our clients

ANEXIA s.r.o.

Bohemia Properties a.s.

ČEPOS – Česká potravinářská obchodní a.s.

STMicroelectronics Design and Application s.r.o.

WELL PACK s.r.o.


Königfrankstahl, s.r.o.

SD-Kovo Mladá Boleslav,a.s.

Simac Technik ČR, a.s.

ZPA Pečky a.s.