• economic consultancy includes in particular the processing of financial plans and other documents for loan applications at financial institutions
  • consultancy during establishment of companies
  • lectures in accounting and taxation
  • issuing of a newsletter for clients with accounting and tax issues

Based on the client’s requirements after the agreement we are able to provide other services related to the accounting and tax issues. As an example, help in choosing the appropriate software for accounting, methodical bookkeeping, valuation of assets.

Another services

We provides all audit services, including audit-related advice, consultation on accounting issues, tax advice, financial and economic consulting, as well as, bookkeeping and other services.

Our clients

ANEXIA s.r.o.

Bohemia Properties a.s.

ČEPOS – Česká potravinářská obchodní a.s.

STMicroelectronics Design and Application s.r.o.

WELL PACK s.r.o.


Königfrankstahl, s.r.o.

SD-Kovo Mladá Boleslav,a.s.

Simac Technik ČR, a.s.

ZPA Pečky a.s.